Annie Barrett BSC OT

Occupational Therapist

Annie has more than 25 years experience in working with children of all ages. Settings have included: pre-schools, primary and secondary schools for children with special needs; community projects; NGOs; private practice and the NHS. Conditions of children have included, for example: developmental delay; sensory processing and modulation difficulties; dyslexia; co-ordination problems; Autism and genetic disorders.

Annie particularly enjoys empowering parents and school staff to promote progress in children. She explains difficulties in a way that can be understood and provides treatment programmes that are simple to follow, and easy to integrate into the routines of home and school.

Annie has additional training as a Polarity Therapist, and engages children with low self esteem in useful strategies. She is also trained as a Baby Therapist. This involves using techniques to facilitate healing in babies and young children who experienced a difficult birth, and who now, for example, cry a lot or have problems with sleeping.

Areas covered:

  • London